The MPO program features a comprehensive range

of tools to support your business needs!



MPO questionnaires are quick and easy, delivering high-quality and accurate psychometric results.

»  Short 10-20 minute questionnaires
»  3 different questionnaire options to suit your needs
»  Electronic or paper versions available
»  Multilingual option
»  Easy to administer to staff or candidates
»  Simple to track and manage
»  Time and cost savings with our Advance Administration option


MPO reports are among the most thorough and accurate on the market. Two distinct consultation modes are available to facilitate interpretation for various audiences, whether trained in-house MPO professionals or a general audience.

»  Effective, accessible and easy-to-follow
»  Use graphs for instant personality assessments
»  Detailed and accurate written reports in English and French
»  A positive spin on individual personality traits
»  Understand an individual’s perception of required job behaviors
»  Distinguish key competencies

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Profiler is a tool to help you define positions within your organization. Target the right candidates, whether for internal restructuring needs or external hiring mandates.
Included with MPO program at no extra cost.

»  Two job profiler options (regular and fast-track)
»  Report showing target personality profile
» Compatibility study (position/candidate matches)

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The Right Match tool instantly assesses the degree of candidate compatibility with the required job profile.
Included with MPO program at no extra cost.

»  Comprehensive compatibility report
»  Unlimited number of candidate assessments
»  Rapid compatibility check
»  Candidate results compared instantly

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See the big picture with respect to team dynamics! Build high-performance teams by viewing and studying each member’s personality profile.
* Included with MPO Program at no extra cost.

» Team reports
» Visual interface for graph-based profiles
» Unlimited team configurations – move graphs to your heart’s desire!

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SATELLITE is a streamlined, cost-effective version of our MPO personality inventory. For a low unit cost, it describes candidates’ personalities and evaluates the degree of compatibility with the job’s behavioral requirements – ideal for high-volumes of assessments or high turnover positions.

»  A cost-effective solution for high-turnover or volume
»  Multi-platform application
»  Short questionnaire
»  A professional, scientifically-developed personality inventory
»  Instant results
»  Comprehensive, easy-to-use reports
»  No training required
»  Immediate results provide candidate’s compatibility with a position


Optimize your team’s talents and performance while building synergy! Based on our MPO personality inventory, IDW can be used to produce inspiring teambuilding workshops.

»  Custom-built workshops to suit your needs
»  A personalized report for every participant
»  Graphs to get a sense of your team’s dynamics
»  Comprehensive participant manuals
»  Quick reference handouts on the various dynamics

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The MPO training seminar helps users acquire the necessary skills to manage and operate the MPO program independently within an organization. Aimed at managers and human resource professionals, in this seminar you will learn how to interpret people’s needs and behaviors, and how to perfect the leadership and communication skills that help teams achieve new levels of excellence.

»  Professional instructors
»  A clear and comprehensive training manual
»  Access to MPO management platform
»  Free access to post-seminar support from our expert consultants
»  Annual refresher sessions

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Our goal is to support you in using the MPO program effectively and independently. This is why our team of experienced consultants is available anytime to answer any questions.

»  Reachable by telephone during regular business hours
»  Support with interpretation and utilization of results
»  Technical support for the MPO management application

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